CRST Train Your Partner Program

CRST Train Your Partner Program

CRST Van has a company sponsored training program that covers the cost of tuition, CRST will put you through school, get you your class A CDL license and in exchange  ask that you sign a 10 month contract to come drive for CRST Van! That means GUARANTEED JOB PLACEMENT! The driving position is an over the road team position. This means you would be out driving for 3-4 weeks at a time home for 3-4 days, running coast to coast covering all of the lower 48 states, driving strictly in teams (so you would always have another co-driver with you that you choose).

Are you an experienced Class A CDL licensed driver with a spouse, relative or friend that wants to learn how to drive a truck?
Through this CRST Van Train Your Partner Program, your partner can get their CDL training sponsored by CRST while you train them on the road in one of our trucks.

This is how it works:

• Your partner goes through our company paid school program to get his or her CDL.
• You both meet up to go through orientation after their CDL is earned.
• You go through our Lead Driver course after completing our standard orientation. The course is 1½ to 2 days, where you will learn our policies and procedures for training drivers.
• You go out and train your partner for 28 days while getting Lead Driver pay. Then, the trainee will return to a terminal for an exit interview and road test.
• You head out as a co-driver team, where you will be out for up to 2 weeks followed by 5 days home.
We also have a special pay promotion for the Train Your Partner Program. Normal contract students coming out of school earn $.25 per mile when on the truck. With this promotion, the partner/student comes in as a 6-month level driver and earns $.32 per mile!

The quickest and least expensive option would be to bring you to CDL Training School for 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the program we get you qualified for, followed by a 3.5 day orientation the following Monday. We also have schools in several areas of the country that we use to make sure you are getting the best education and the best instructor to student ratio that we believe makes all the difference in your success. Typically, we get you to school by getting you a greyhound bus ticket. We cover the cost of the bus ticket up front, as well as the cost of your lodging while you are in school. We also cover your drug screen, physical and a processing fee up front (and your license upgrade fees too!). After you’ve been employed with the company for 6 weeks we will begin to payroll deduct the total amount out at $40/wk. However, once again, the tuition is 100% on us in exchange for you signing the 10 month contract-we do NOT charge you back for the tuition portion.

After orientation is completed you would go directly out on the road for 21-24 days with a trainer and at this point you would start getting paid at $0.25/mile which on average is anywhere from $400 – $550 a week, it really depends on how quickly you get used to managing your drive time and sleep time. After your time out with a trainer we would route you back to one of our terminals where you would then be partnered to run with your co-driver for about a week and a half or two weeks, then would be routed home for your first home time of 5 days! After your first home time you would start your normal schedule (3-4 weeks out, 3-4 days at home) and your pay during your 10 month contract would be as follows (these are averages:

1st 28 days with lead driver: 25 cents/mile: $455-$550/wk.
Month 2 – 3 : 25 cents/mile: $500-$750/wk
Months 4 – 6: 26 cents/mile: $520-780/week.
Months 6 -11: 33 cents/mile: $660-990/week. (at the end of the 6th month your pay goes up to .33 cpm – and you can train new students too! Add 8 cents per mile to your base pay for becoming part of our Lead Driver team!

At one year of employment your pay will go up to 38 cents per mile, and you earn a weeks paid vacation!


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