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You’ve just received your Class A CDL trucking license—now what? Now you need to run miles in an environment that solidifies your industry training! At CRST Van Expedited, we aim to give you structure in your career path and room to grow at a competitive pace. Our unique team driver training program equips you with the skills, real-world experience, and safety standards you need to get ahead in your trucking career. And because we want to help you transition to a career in trucking, we’re happy to offer a sign-on bonus. Check with your Recruiter for the most current Bonuses.  Extra Bonus for Military:  Click Here


We’ll start you off with a four-day driver orientation program at one of our major full-service terminals in Cedar Rapids, IA, Oklahoma City, OK, or Riverside, CA. You’ll learn our policies and procedures inside and out, then prove your knowledge and suitability via written tests, physical tests, and a road test. And you’ll meet some of the staff that will be critical to your career success.

Once your training and orientation is complete, you’ll hit the ground running with an experienced driver to solidify your transition to the CRST team. You’ll have the support you need to take on any challenge the road throws your way. We believe that it’s in everyone’s best interest to get you earning as soon as possible.


Your first job sets the tone for your entire career. In recognition of that fact, our approach to new drivers helps you master the essentials quickly while giving you room to fine-tune the habits of excellent driving. As part of a driver team, you’ll see more miles than a solo run in the company of our veteran truckers. We don’t keep you in the passenger seat—our system methodically exposes you to the situations all drivers must deal with from day one. You’ll get a handle on load monitoring, rack up miles in all conditions, practice accident minimization techniques, and much more.

You worked hard to earn your CDL. With us, you can protect it while becoming a true professional.


All drivers will take the following tests in Orientation:

1. DOT Physical Exam. If a driver’s documentation shows he/she has a current physical with at least 6 months remaining, a new physical will not normally be required unless the medical examiner in his/her opinion decides that one is necessary.
2. DOT Drug Screen. All driver applicants will take a drug screen on the first day of Orientation, per D.O.T. regulations, unless the applicant has already had a drug screen with CRST that is within 30 days of the projected date of hire.
3. Road Test. All driver applicants must successfully pass a driver road test with a CRST safety trainer. Students are given two opportunities to pass the road test. Drivers must be able to double-clutch.
4. Written Tests. All student drivers, i.e., those who have just earned their CDL, must pass two written tests. All other driver applicants must successfully pass 3 open book examinations that will be given in the classroom. The tests are only given in English. One is for company hazmat certification, one is for a security program, and one is a log book test. Students must have an 80% passing grade and there are no more than 3 attempts allowed on each test.
5. Agility Test. All driver applicants must pass an agility test.

Please note that you will be responsible for paying for your drug screen, physical (if needed) and processing fee. The drug screen, physical and processing fee are $50.00 each.

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