Preparing For Orientation

Preparing For Orientation at CRST
As a recent truck school graduate (contract student or non-contract student) or an experienced driver, you will attend our Orientation. Your Orientation will consist of 3 or 4 days of learning CRST policies and procedures, including a road test. Orientation starts every Monday at each terminal (and on Thursday ay the Cedar Rapids location).

Please remember that all drivers are expected to immediately start driving with either their lead driver or co-driver following Orientation.

To find out which Orientation site you will be attending please check with Buck Williams, your CRST Recruiter:  Phone 1-800-837-1320.  If you have any questions before Orientation.

You must have the following IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS with you:

1. Valid United Sates Driver’s License (If your license has a vision restriction you must bring your glasses and prescription sunglasses if you have them)
2. Valid Social Security Card (Must be original and in good condition. No copies!)
3. Acceptable immigration documentation if you are not a US citizen
4. Any employment documentation required to complete the CRST Expedited driver application (unemployment records, tax forms for self-employment, notarized letters, etc. These documents are very helpful for the Referencing Department during the hiring process.)
5. Voided Check for transfer to your bank accounts. (If you do not have a voided check, you can use a letter from your bank, on bank letterhead, containing the name of the account holder, account number, and the bank routing number.)

You should bring the following PERSONAL ITEMS with you:

 To download this list in pdf CLICK HERE: packing

1. 7 days of clothes (jeans, sweats, short and long sleeve shirts, coat, winter clothing if necessary)
2. Work Boots/Treaded Hiking shoes (Flip Flops and Sandals are not allowed during training or Orientation). NO cowboy boots, NO smooth-bottom shoes!
3. Work Gloves
4. Hat
5. Sunglasses
6. Battery Powered Alarm Clock
7. Flashlight
8. Toiletries (towels, wash cloths, toothbrush, tooth paste, shaving materials, soap, deodorant, etc.)
9. Bedding for the Truck (sleeping bag or pillows blankets (twin size sheets)
10. Notebook, pen, etc
11. Medications, if you are currently taking any.
12. Money (all drivers are responsible for weekend meals and weekly dinner meals while attending orientation along with all other personal needs)
13. Bus Confirmation Number, if taking the Greyhound. It is recommended to pack in duffel bags vs. suitcases to stow away easier. If using a Greyhound bus ticket, one 50-pound and one 25-pound bag are allowed free of charge.
14. Do not bring tools! (unless you are an experienced driver)
What kind of TRANSPORTATION will I be taking?

Transportation to and lodging at orientation are provided by CRST Expedited to experienced drivers. Directions to the terminals are listed on our website (see Orientation packets on the website).

Bus Ticket
1. Your CRST recruiter will order your bus ticket through Greyhound. He/she will also provide you with a schedule of when the bus leaves and arrives.
2. CRST will provide your bus confirmation number. Please do not lose this.
3. Your recruiter will also provide you with the correct information to be picked up at the Greyhound Station, along with contact numbers for your hotel and the selected Orientation terminal.
4. Plan on being at the Greyhound Bus Station at least 1 hour before leaving.
5. If you plan on providing your own transportation, please contact your recruiter for directions. You can be reimbursed $.20 per mile.

Driving Personal Car – Your recruiter will provide you with directions to your selected orientation terminal and also hotel location. This will also include phone numbers for both the terminal and hotel. Please bring in actual gas receipts (not prepaid receipts), showing number of gallons purchased and price per gallon.

Rental Car – Please contact your recruiter for details. Rental cars require at least two drivers headed into an orientation site. Please bring in actual gas receipts (not prepaid receipts), showing number of gallons purchased and price per gallon.

Plane Tickets – If you purchase a plane ticket, you will do so on your own and also be expected to get from the airport to the orientation location. However, CRST will reimburse you up to the cost of what the bus ticket would have cost. You must bring in your receipts for us to make this reimbursement.

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